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December 22nd Launch Date

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On January 1st 2010, The Chef will begen a study in realtionships. Your invited to dinner.


Fewer Stronger Brands, Greener, Leaner…because its what we have to do

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We now own 60 percent of GM.

They are going to tell you that they are doing it for you, changing because you have asked them to, because you demand a better product, a better brand, a new image. Don’t let them steal your hard work, for they have failed, they have bankrupt them self with their misguided ideals, their long ignored lies, their ignorance that we where stupid and would buy it if they built it. But we are not, they have failed, they are bankrupt. Don’t let them steal this moment from you…

Its not a surprise that all we demand is all they want to sell.. Be careful, tread lightly, shop wisely. Create a community, it will not only change your life, but the world.

We are the next generation..we are the new models, we are the leaner, greener companies.

A Chef in Love

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A Chef in Love, a time to reflect on our realthionships, our interactions our obesssions, and our passions. A study in the what if, what if I wake up today and do what I love, what love is telling me to do.