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Christmas Dinner with The Chef, Menu

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Christmas with The Chef, Menu: Roasted Pork with Orange, Molasses, Pasilla Chili, Honey, Brown Sugar, Garlic and White Pepper. Slow Roasted Pork Belly with Savory Cabbage an Sweet Onions. Pork Loin cooked in Milk with Rosemary a Roasted Garlic. French Scallop potato with Sweet Peppers, Apples Cranberry-Pomegranite Chutney, Fresh Buttermilk biscuits. All will be available on The Chef.



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THE ARCHIVES: Is anything I feel like throwing out there into the Blog O’ Sphere!! Rants, Raves, Writings, Short Stories, and most likely just a great way to vent it all out there and keep my shrink bills down…this should be embarrassing, reveling and at times suprising!