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From Brooklyn Label to Brooklyn Standard

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Friends, Family, Fans, Loved Ones, Critics….A few months ago I met an aspiring restaurant PR person, her name being Megan Chadderton. I had the honor of being her first selection for her V-blog. We took a few days to get some b-real and one evening too shoot the interview piece. I really had no idea when that night ended, what I had said. It was just me talking into a little camera at my house. The time flew by and not a bit of it was staged or thought about, at least on my end ahead of time. What came from that evening is a very important video of a timeline in my life as a chef/restaurateur in NYC. This is a part of my life that I have tried to articulate over late night wine session, weekend bunches, various interviews and most importantly in my personal demonstration of life, by the things we DO rather than SAY. I welcome you to click the link below and enjoy the work of this talented person. For now I am just linking her site, please visit. In the coming weeks I will post the video directly. Take some time to let it load up and watch it in full screen, its shot beautifully in HD.

“Pick up the Orange Boy, Pick it up off the floor, Defend your Reign by Yourself with all the Force of your Heart”

The Chef, Cody Utzman

From Brooklyn Label to Brooklyn Standard from MonkeySeesMonkeyEats on Vimeo.

From Monkeyseesmonkeyeats.com Mrs. Megan Chadderton

A few months ago, I decided to start a video blog to showcase the exciting things going on in the food industry. For my first installment I chose Chef Cody Utzman who is largely responsible for shaping the Greenpoint Brooklyn neighborhood into a culinary destination. The road has not been easy and after a dispute over his first restaurant, Brooklyn Label, ultimately drove him back to his hometown of Portland, Cody found himself feeling dejected and jaded. Not one to be held down, he returned to Greenpoint and has since opened 3 successful establishments with little more than his own drive, ambition, and elbow grease. I hope you find his story as inspiring as I do and most importantly – enjoy the video:



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