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Farm to Table in Brooklyn.

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August 10th 2010

As my work days have increased and my personal time has decreased, I have been understanding that at the end of the day its my responsiblity to find ways to bring joy, peace, and grace to my life. In the past three years I have gone through a divorce, moved three times, started-stopped-started again, built my first restaurant only to lose it a year later, “only to get it back 4 yrs later, more to come” and after a brief break I started what has become a major restaurant group in Brooklyn, NY. I have opened 3 additional location is less than two years, with profits soaring for the most part, and followed with much press and recognition for my efforts. Not the mention the whole Food Network thing. I just hired my 102nd active employee this week and I might have a receding hair-line! My best friends getting married next week and my father is all of a sudden 79 years old. For months now I havent been able to cook for myself or close friends. Of course I am cooking daily for my restaurant and that brings great joy, but where do we find the inspiration that fuels the passion to keep me/us going 6 days a week.

I’m seeing that the energy that we produce and give out comes from a source, a source that we cultivate inside. If you constantly tap that source and give it all away, eventually there is nothing left in the well. For me my garden, my friends, my home, my health, my loved ones, and cultivating a life that includes all the greatness that is my Neighborhood in Brooklyn is where I get my fill of good energy. But it’s not without its STRUGGLE. There is something so hard about the end of the day when you’ve given so much out, to actually take the time and give back to yourself. The simplest way I find to do this, is what I did this evening. Make Dinner!

Tonight I had the pleasure of heading over to Tenth Acre Farms in Brooklyn, NY. Just a stones throw from my house. I went over with a couple really great people and a real joy of a little one named Scout that I recently met in the hood. Prior to going I was actually considering lying around the house, beat from a very emotionally training day and ordering Thai food..boy am I glad I didn’t!

Tenth Acre Farm is run by a guy named Jordan and is a large container garden behind a church in a densely populated area of Greenpoint. It boost a daily Farmers Market and has not only some of the best Cherry tomato I have had all year but also really good energy. Go for the tomatoes, and the bonus is you leave feeling juiced and alive again! HA!

This week some of my favorite recipes where featured in the Greenpoint Gazette. So today I decided to make the recipes at The Standard with some of the great produce from Tenth Acre Farm. Here is the recipe featuring Cherry tomato, and all this week you can purchase this dish as is from The Standard. Starting Wednesday the 11th and every Wednesday after that, Jordan will be bringing fresh vegetables and herbs from the farm to The Standard for purchase.



5-6 Fresh Local Cobs of Corn
1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Greed Bell Pepper
1 Small Red Onion
2 Green Onions
1 Bunch of Thai or Regular Basil
½ Cup Really Good Quality Olive Oil
Juice of 2 Limes
Salt/Pepper/Red Chili Flake to Taste


1. Shuck the Corn and Slice the Corn from the cob. Be sure to cut close to the cob to get all the good stuff
2. Small Dice the Peppers, and Onions
3. Tear the Basil into pieces, cutting can bruise it
4. Mix it all together in a bowl and enjoy the perfect taste of summer!

Now Dinner with The Chef: Grilled Aged Rib Eye Steak, Fired Roasted Tomato and Habanero Salas with Green Chilis, Olive Oil Smash potatoes and Sweet Corn Salad.

First Step:


ok now cook..

Wash and then Season the tomatoes and Peppers with Salt/Pepper and Olive Oil

Place over an open flame, this can be your stove top or BBQ
Grill for about 4 mins until some charring takes place, but not too long!

Remove from heat and Ruff Chop all the ingredients together. You could use a blender on pulse too.

Add Green Onion, Lime Juice, Good Olive Oil and more Salt and Pepper to Taste

To finish this dish..simply Cook your steak your favorite way..boil and mash-up some local potatoes with Olive Oil and get your self a big O’l Plate to put it all on. The corn salad with the potatoes reminded me of one of my favorite winter dish, creamed corn and mashed potatoes for holiday dinner..this was the Summer versions, Cool and crisp!! The richness of the steak was cut with the heat of the Habanero pepper and the pepper actually added a sweetness that most people never realize is there with this magical little heat devil.

Well..this meal brought me great joy this evening. I hope you find taking the time one needs to truly MAKE DINNER as rewarding and energizing as I did this evening.

  1. I love the idea of using the stovetop to char, otherwise it would take me an hour to fire up my little rooftop hibachi!

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