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On Friday, Jan 21st I teamed up with Miss Emma Feigenbaum around 9pm; we had a mission–Cassoulet ready for 200 people and a serious competition by 11am the next morning. Emma had won the previous year fan favorite and we were not leaving with anything less this time. With a new Chef partner, we had only a few things standing in our way. A dirty NYC kitchen, half a shopping list completed, no more Candian Club Whiskey, NO ICE, and no speakers for our I-Pad, which was currently playing Kanye West’s new album non-stop. CLEANED, FIXED, ICED, LIQUORED…..Thats pretty damned good since we had never actually worked together before.

Cut to the cooking…after a stop at Whole Foods Union Sq, Corner deli, and the liquor store, we began…

Our dish, nicknamed KAZTOULLET, was comprised of the following: homemade Mini Rye Meatballs of Veal, Pork and Beef ” meatballs with lots of ground fresh fennel and caraway seed, Braised Pork Belly, Corned Beef, Salted Pork Back, Oxtail, Beef Marrow, and Cayuga Farms White Beans

To Serve, each portion got a topping of Bread Crumbs that had dehydrated sauerkraut and Horseradish, and we made a fresh Mayo (or Aioli) using the fat we skimmed from the top of the Katzoullet and infused it with Horseradish Mustard.

So when you took a spoon full of the KATS-OR-AWESOMENESS…it was as if you where sinking you teeth into a Katz Corn beef Sandwich. I really think the best part of this story is that half way through, after the Katzoullet was safely in the oven, Emma and I went Hip Hop Dancing till 5am…Oh, we also ate a 42oz 32 day aged rib eye…and after all this, taking first prize for fan favorite we decided that the duo of chef and Chefess needed to converge on more the just a cook off…

So Emma and Piglet moved in to Casa Del Toro nine days later. Now, with a full kitchen and two fierce cooks, expect us to simply GET SHIT DONE!!

Saturday, January 22, was the culminating event for Greenmarket Sausage week: Jimmy’s No. 43’s 3rd Annual Cassoulet Cookoff! At the end of stuffing ourselves, the people’s choice awards went to:
Emma Feigenbaum of Freelance Food Stylist/Culinary Producer and Cody Utzman of Brooklyn Standard (1st prize)
• Andrew Gottlieb, Mr. Food (2nd prize)
• Simon Glenn, aka Tchoup Shop (New Orleans Caterer – 3rd prize)
There were a great variety of entries judged by Cathy Erway, Ed Yowell, Matt Timms and Rachel Wharton. Donna Gelb was our recipe tester. The judges’ choice awards went to:
• Andrew Gottlieb (1st prize)
• Simon Glenn (runner-up)
• Raiza Costa of Brazil (Honorable Mention)
• Emma Feigenbaum and Cody Utzman (Honorable Mention)

Huge thanks go out to Heritage USA, Microplane, Anolon Gourmet Cookware,and Wusthoff, the great companies that donated this year’s prizes.

  1. Wow. That is super impressive! I have never heard of a more thought-out cassoulet. Plus dancing and meal break? That sh*it would’ve taken me 2 days.

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