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A Conversation About “green”.

In Uncategorized on March 4, 2011 at 4:29 am

A good friend of mine asked me for some advice on a topic that she knows I am very passionate about. Since I have taken a renewed interest in my blog/facebook I decied to make this todays Blog update. Im kind of on roll, 1 a day for 3 days straight…shit!! Hot Dam. Maybe Im taking my own advice, GET YOUR SHIT DONE!

TOPIC, MC: Ok – so in our events class we have a speaker from a florist who is also going to comment on green event designer in the industry. How many events say they are green, but don’t actually know shit about being green, and waste a TON!

I know you also feel similarly,spoke abt it in the video, so was wondering:

QUESTION #1, MC: If you had some tips. For example, I know the Eco-Products cups you serve iced coffee in are compostable. What other small, inexpensive ways can you stay green?

RESPONSE, THE CHEF: Ok, first of all, I have come to learn that the eco cups that cost 3 times what a plastic cup cost, and claim to be bio-degradable, actually take a very specific set of conditions in which they will actually be “bio-degradable” none of these conditions are in landfills currently or in processing facilities. So the whole Eco Greenware industry that has taken over the paper goods industry is basically a shame. A lie! Adjustment by corporations to make a profit on what they see as the trend. The only real Eco Friendly way too be, is personal responsibility. That means that the company you work for doesn’t even supply you with a cup to drink your water or coffee from, you have to bring one from home. There are a thousand highly fashionable options for this these days too, so don’t for a second think that its hippie to carry your own travel mug, or have a bag in you purse to carry your grocery’s or even your new Prada Boots home in. For a Public event one could choose to rent glass ware vs using disposable items.

The other ways we stay green at The Standard, is limiting the options for customers to abuse products such as napkins, coffee clutches, packaged sugar, plastic stir sticks…etc.all of these item are available on request only. Metal spoon are provided to stir your milk and sugar vs. a plastic stir stick, if you spill your drink at the coffee bar, there isn’t a big stack of napkins for you to wipe it up with, you simply ask the cashier for a cloth rag.

I also put pricing on every thing behind the counter, to make the staff more aware of how much each item cost, so when a customer ask for a fork, there is a little tag that says this 1 plastic fork cost .04 cents. Hopefully making them aware and not mindlessly handing the customer three forks…trust me it happen!! Order Chinese food delivery, you have enough plastic forks, wrapped in plastic for ten people even if you just ordered dumplings and a small fried rice!!

Think about Energy use? light bulbs, Heating Expenses, ECT….

If this is an event planner…then it’s just impossible to be totally Green! A huge event is the exact opposite of green, but like I said before and you know this too…almost every single major food/paper/cosmetic/energy company has adopted green standards and have claimed to be doing it because its right, Bullshit, they are doing it because the medium age in the united states is a facebook/twitter fuelled localvor mid 20-30 group that stopped buying the shit they where selling before…

From an event planner point of view, you just have to do your best to impact the planet as little as possiable while still protecting your own ass, hence your bottom line.

Maybe I’m too Passionate about this….LOL

Question #2, MC: In what other ways do you stay green? Large or small

RESPONSES, THE CHEF: What I do in my Business and it might apply to this event or person is: assess how energy is being wasted daily, Energy as in lights, gas, water, AC ECT and find way to improve the over-all output.

Secondly, Fix reoccurring problems absolute. In any business there are resource that are lost or miss placed everyday. Example: How many times have I gone and bought a new screwdriver cause I couldn’t find the one I bought last week? To fix this, it seems simple, but I made a toolbox, duh!! But that took me three years to figure out. Before I was just being a wasteful lazy person due to lack of attention to detail.

QUESTION #3, MC: What are some things ppl THINK are green but actually aren’t. I remember in the video (cutting room floor) you mentioned how Toms of Maine is organic…but not that a huge company owns it (you said Colgate maybe – if memory serves me correctly) so now its actually no longer local, no longer made in the same style at the factory, etc and is now virtually the same as buy reg (and cheaper) Colgate.

RESPONSES, THE CHEF: I pretty much covered this in question one rant…ever day there are more and more major companies shifting their business models to adapt to the current consumer needs. For example: Just look at Frito Lays web site and there current marketing plan: http://www.fritolay.com/your-health/naturally-delicious.html
They have started to make all of the current brands with all natural ingredients, but they also still produce the same bag of chips with all the processed products. They claim that they are “At Frito-Lay, we are proud to offer a wide range of snack options that taste great and meet everyone’s needs. ”

Its these kind of take over campaigns that really clouds the whole Green Movement.

Have you seen the commercials for The Corn Industry Lobbyist? Just watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEbRxTOyGf0

That should explain it all right there…if you understand what I am putting down.


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