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Kitchen La Boheme, Culinary Adventures in an Unconventional Kitchen

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Photos: Scott Gordon Bleicher

The Read the Full Article and Story Please Click on Alyssa Yeager Site: Kitchen La Boheme

To learn more about Cody and his current and future projects, check out his blog. Brooklyn Label, Papacitos, Brooklyn Standard and Cafe Royal (pictured) are all located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and offer fantastic vegan options.

By Alyssa Yeager

  1. […] Mimin posted about this interesting story. Here is a small section of the postOne afternoon last summer I was cashiering at the Standard; three people came in and proceeded to tell me about how they had been to each of my other locations that day in search of me. They had traveled from Mexico City, … I’m fascinated with criminal justice. The only problem is that I don’t have the mustard to be a street cop riding around giving traffic tickets, but I would make a great detective — homicide unit, SVU type shit. I’ve truly thought that if I ever … […]

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