A Chef In Love

The Restaurants

1. Brooklyn Label

Press for Brooklyn Label:

Time Out Best Breakfast/Brunch 2007

Gothamist Jan 26th 2007

Marc Amigone Blog 2007

The Brooklyn Paper Nov 24th 2007

2. Papacitos

Press for Papacitos:

Papacitos First Press, EATER Jun 16th 2008

Brunch Review/Greenpointers Aug 3rd 2009

Getting Robbed in Brooklyn Paper June 24th 2009

The Chili Relleno Burrito in the Press Dec 15th 2009

Greenpoint Gazette Nov 5th 2009

3. Brooklyn Standard

Press for The Brooklyn Standard:

The Classic Bodega Takes a Star Turn

The Classic Bodega Takes a Star Turn

NBC New York, March 12th 2009

The Brooklyn Paper, March 12th 2009

New York Press, March 13th 2009

New York Times, March 27th 2009

Metro, March 29th 2009

Greenpointers Joann’s Amazing Piece March 2009

New York Press, May 6th 2009

Greenpoint Gazette, May 7th 2009

NBC Channel 4 New York, May 15th 2009

4. Cafe Royale

Press for Cafe Royale:



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